Hyperledger In-depth with Howest University of Applied Sciences: Deploying and Hosting EBSI Nodes Based on Hyperledger Besu

February 29, 2024 | 07:00 AM PST (UTC-8)


Join Hyperledger Associate Member Howest University of Applied Sciences for an insightful webinar on Deploying and Hosting EBSI Nodes Based on Hyperledger Besu. The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), is a joint initiative of the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the European Commission (EC). The project was created with the aim of leveraging blockchain to accelerate the creation of cross-border services for public administrations and their ecosystems. Each member state is engaged to run one or several nodes of the production and pilot network based on Hyperledger Besu. Howest university college is together with Belnet the Belgian node operator and also partner in the EBSI-NE Digital Europe Project to improve the security and governance of the network. In this session, the panelists will share some insights in the setup of the network and the experience in the hosting and management of the network. Panelists will also highlight the use of the EBSI network in different European and national use cases and the (technical future) of EBSI.



Shane Deconinck, Web3 Lead,  Howest University of Applied Sciences

Robby Goetinck, Security Researcher and Web3 Engineer, Howest University of Applied Sciences