Webinar On Demand

Introduction to Project Alpha-Omega

Recorded February 16, 2022

Hear from Brian Behlendorf (General Manager, OpenSSF), and Alpha-Omega project leaders Michael Scovetta (Microsoft) and Michael Winser (Google) to learn more about near term goals and opportunities for participation in the Alpha-Omega Project.


Brian Behlendorf, General Manager, Open Source Security Foundation

Brian has founded, led, or served on the executive teams of organizations in the open source technology domain for more than 25 years. Since 2016 he has been with the Linux Foundation, serving as GM for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity until October of 2021 when he shifted to lead the OpenSSF. Brian also serves on the Board of Directors at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Filecoin Foundation.

Michael Winser, Group Product Manager for Software Supply Chain Security & CI/CD, Google

Michael Winser has been building software applications and platforms since 1984. He has worked on everything from Internet Explorer and XBox to the kitchen sink (well, kitchen design software). Michael has worked at Microsoft, many startups, has served on multiple boards, and as a consultant.

Michael has been at Google since 2014 and has worked on developer platforms for Google Workspace, CI/CD at Google and Cloud. Today he is focused on securing the software supply chain both inside Google and in the open source ecosystem. Michael is active in the Open Source Security Foundation and co-manages its Alpha Omega Project.

Michael Scovetta, Principal Security PM Manager, Microsoft

Michael Scovetta leads an open source security team at Microsoft and focuses on understanding and addressing emerging security risks through research, tooling, and advocacy. Michael leads the Identifying Security Threats working group with OpenSSF and co-leads the Alpha Omega project. Michael has previously held security and engineering roles at CBS, UBS, CA Technologies, and Cigital. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/scovetta) or Twitter (@scovetta).