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Is Kubernetes the Next Fault Domain?

Recorded November 16, 2022

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Hybrid, multi-region and even multi-cloud deployments are becoming not just increasingly common, but also increasingly necessary for businesses needing to scale horizontally, guarantee availability and minimize latency. Kubernetes has the potential to help us have a common operating experience across data centers, cloud regions and even clouds by becoming the fault domain we design our HA applications to survive. So what happens, then, when something happens with Kubernetes?

In this webinar Keith McClellan, Director of Partner Solutions Engineering at CockroachDB, and Raffaele Spazzoli, Senior Principal Architect at Red Hat, will discuss next generation problems for Kubernetes including:

  • Networking
  • Load Balancing and Service Discovery
  • Security
  • Trust and Identity
  • Infrastructure and Performance
  • Failure Recovery
  • Observability and Monitoring

The people who ask the 5 best questions will get a special edition Cockroach Labs t-shirt. Currently only shipping to North America and Europe at this time.


Keith McClellan Headshot

Keith McClellan, Director of Partner Solutions Engineering at Cockroach Labs

Keith McClellan is director of Partner Solutions Engineering at Cockroach Labs. Prior to Cockroach Labs, he held technical leadership positions in cloud native and big data companies including DataStax, Mesosphere (now D2IQ), and Platfora. Keith lives in the metro DC area with his spouse Megan, and would also be happy to talk to you about gaming, barbecue and bourbon if you get tired of him going on and on about Kubernetes and databases.

raffaele Spazzoli

Raffaele Spazzoli, Senior Principal Architect at Red Hat

Raffaele is a full-stack enterprise architect with 20+ years of experience. Currently Raffaele covers a consulting position of cross-portfolio application architect with a focus on OpenShift. Most of his career Raffaele worked with large financial institutions allowing him to acquire an understanding of enterprise processes and security and compliance requirements of large enterprise customers. Recently Raffaele has become part of the CNCF TAG Storage and contributed to the Cloud Native Disaster Recovery whitepaper.