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Keeping an Eye on Your Node Apps

Recorded August 20, 2020

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Node apps get shipped as a single instance or in the metric tonne load; they are officially everywhere. When building and debugging them we’re used to sending direct to console, a stream, or even a log file, but what about their performance and status at scale?

This session will walk you through how to apply the principles behind Observability inside and outside your application, starting with extending the basics, to baking in more business logic, to giving you a total view of what’s happening and where. We’ll go through technologies around the ELK stack and Jaeger to give us that complete view.

This webinar is sponsored by Logz.io and hosted by The Linux Foundation.


Mike Elsmore , Developer Advocate, Logz.io

Mike is a happy hacker of technology, usually found elbows deep in experiments, JavaScript, or trying to learn something new. He loves sharing knowledge and teaching about DevOps, Observability, Microservices, and everything around it.