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KernelCI: Travel Guide 2024

Recorded March 21, 2024

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring KernelCI: Travel Guide 2024 with Guillaume Tucker, Former KernelCI Chair (2021-2023)

The Linux kernel is complex and so is KernelCI.  Its code base is much smaller of course but the scope for testing is just as big as the kernel itself.  From individual developers to large product manufacturers and from the original implementation a few years back to the current on-going developments, there is a lot to explore.  Things are finally starting to shape up as issues have been more clearly identified, solutions are being designed to address the community's requirements and their implementations are well under way.

Let's take a walk by all the interesting spots to see around KernelCI in 2024.  First we'll fast-forward along the history trail of the project to get an idea of what took us there, then we'll stop by some noteworthy monuments such as the extent of the current test coverage and capabilities of the infrastructure.  Finally we'll study the blueprints for the new API and web dashboard and take a glimpse at the on-going works in that area.

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Guillaume Tucker

Former KernelCI Chair (2021-2023)


Guillaume was a software engineer at Collabora for seven years while also Chair of the KernelCI Linux Foundation project for three years. A large part of that time was dedicated to KernelCI with code contributions deep into bootloaders and all the way up to web services, laying the foundations to set up a sustainable organization with the Board & TSC and growing ties with the upstream Linux kernel community.