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Kubernetes for AI Workloads – What Works and What…Doesn’t

Recorded July 22, 2021

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Kubernetes has become the de-facto tool for orchestrating containerized workloads, and AI workloads are no different. But can an orchestrator built for services meet the needs of research experimentation? Can IT easily incorporate K8s into their AI workflows? 

Join Guy Salton of Run:AI for a crash course in Kubernetes for AI. Learn what’s working, what’s not, and some fixes for supporting research environments with K8s.

In this webinar we will:

  • Explain how and why Kubernetes became the top choice for AI workloads
  • Learn how to train a deep learning model on Kubernetes and how to use GPUs as a team (demo)
  • See where Kubernetes is challenged when it comes to AI and how Run:AI has learned to solve those challenges (demo)


Guy Salton , Solutions Engineering Lead, Run:AI

Guy Salton is Solutions Engineering Lead at Run:AI, specializing in the fields of DevOps, Cloud Computing, Kubernetes, Containers, Virtualization, CI/CD and AI computing. He runs POCs and technical projects for our commercial and enterprise customers, including on-site installations and workshops. Guy speaks at conferences and meetups around the world, writes blog posts and delivers webinars.