Webinar On Demand

LFX EasyCLA: Streamline Your Development Workflow

Recorded April 8, 2021

In this webinar, youā€™ll learn how EasyCLA can help streamline the process of enforcing contribution policies and why this is crucial to maintaining project health. Discover best practices for completing a contributor license agreement (CLA) and managing authorized contributors using the only tool to support both individual and corporate CLA workflows. Weā€™ll introduce you to the latest release of EasyCLA, which includes improved UX features that make the CLA process even easier for everyone.


Pranab Bajpai - Sr. Product Manager, Linux Foundation

Pranab is a Sr. Product Manager at the Linux Foundation.

Steve Winslow - VP of Compliance & Legal, The Linux Foundation

Steve Winslow is VP of Compliance & Legal at The Linux Foundation. He runs The Linux Foundationā€™s license scanning and analysis service, advising projects about licenses identified in their source code and dependencies. Steve is also involved with projects including SPDX, FOSSology and the Community Data License Agreement; manages The Linux Foundationā€™s trademark program; and assists on other legal matters. Steve has presented on license scanning and trademark matters at The Linux Foundationā€™s Legal Summit 2017 and Open Compliance Summit 2017. Previously, Steve was Vice President of Technology Law at Intralinks and an associate at Choate, Hall and Stewart in Boston. Steve graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and majored in computer science at Williams College.