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Linux Kernel Debugging Tricks of the Trade

Recorded September 12, 2023

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring Linux Kernel Debugging Tricks of the Trade with Joel Fernandes, Staff Software Engineer at Google

In this enlightening webinar, "Linux Kernel Debugging Tricks of the Trade," participants will be introduced to the intricate world of Linux Kernel debugging. Drawing insights from Joel's experience working on the kernel, the session will explore various debugging techniques, tools, and best practices.

We will delve into enabling debug information, ASLR issues, dumping traces to console on panic, and triggering kernel panics when an issue happens. We will also discuss RCU stall timeouts, shot-gun debugging, dumping the stack to understand the call path better, and figuring out where kernel crashes happen in C code. Finally, avoiding the need to debug the kernel is just as useful so as a bonus we give away Joel's "secrets" on less-error-prone and speedier kernel development using vscode.

Whether you're a seasoned kernel developer or just starting your journey in Linux Kernel development, this webinar will equip you with valuable tricks and insights to enhance your debugging skills.

Viewers can download the presentation slides by clicking on the button below.

And the webinar kernel repository with the code for the demos is at:

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Joel Fernandes

Staff Software Engineer, Google


Joel Agnel Fernandes is a seasoned systems software developer with 15 years of experience. He has worked with renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, and Texas Instruments, contributing to various projects and making significant improvements to the Linux kernel. As a Linux kernel maintainer, Joel helps with maintaining the RCU subsystem. He frequently handles intricate challenges related to locking, timers, interrupts, and scheduling as RCU involves interactions with all these. A contributor to open source projects and a speaker at conferences, Joel's passion for technology and innovation shines through his work.