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Make Linux Developers Fix Your Kernel Bug

Recorded December 7, 2022

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session: Make Linux Developers Fix Your Kernel Bug with Thorsten Leemhuis

Report your Linux kernel problems properly and the developers will fix most of them – but do it badly and your report will mostly likely be silently ignored. Lots of pitfalls are the reason many users experience the latter outcome; avoiding that fate will be easy with the knowledge provided by this talk:

  • which kernels and configurations you want to avoid, as developers don't care about them
  • which bugs kernel developers are obliged to fix and how to spot issues that won't be addressed not worth reporting
  • where to submit your report to and why bugzilla.kernel.org is often the wrong place
  • how to write the report: what information it should include, and what you want to leave out
  • what else you should bring to the table and how you want to approach it
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Thorsten Leemhuis

Linux Kernel Regression Tracker


Thorsten is the Linux kernel's regression tracker. The texts about reporting bugs and handling regressions found in the kernel's documentation are mostly his work. In Fedora-land Thorsten is known for his many contributions to the project and related areas during the Fedora's first century. Some people also know him from his articles in the German publications heise online & c't magazine. He also tweets regularly about the Linux kernel and related areas as @kernellogger on Twitter.