Webinar On Demand

Mastering Concurrent Algorithms with TLA+

Recorded June 14, 2023

View a Complimentary Live Webinar from The TLA+ Foundation and The Linux Foundation

The TLA+ Foundation invites you to join an in-depth webinar focused on the fundamentals of modeling concurrent algorithms using TLA+.  Delve into the complexities of concurrent systems and learn essential techniques to design and verify their correctness, promoting robust and reliable software development.

Our expert instructors will provide a comprehensive overview of the TLC model checker and the TLA proof system, empowering you to effectively utilize TLA+ in your projects.  Gain a solid understanding of formal methods and learn the skills to create precise and verifiable models of concurrent systems.

This webinar is ideal for software developers, system architects, or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of modeling concurrent algorithms with TLA+.  Enhance your expertise and stay at the forefront of software development by mastering TLA+ for concurrent systems.


Markus Kuppe
Markus Kuppe
Principal Research Software Development Engineer
RiSE Group of Microsoft Research


Stephan Merz

Stephan Merz
Senior Researcher