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Measuring and Proving Enterprise-scale Blockchain Technology in the Insurance Industry

Recorded June 8, 2023

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Enterprise-scale blockchain adoption and implementation can be daunting in the insurance industry; measuring/proving the enterprise value and business ROI even more so.

“Successful blockchain efforts don’t begin with technology, they begin with community.” 
- Tram Vo, MOBI CEO & Founder

Misconceptions about blockchain technology are growing like wildfire within the insurance industry and not without good reason. Let’s look at a few you may have heard before: 

  • ”Viable commercial blockchain applications are too costly and time-consuming to build” (not true).
  • ”Data quality and credential verification are near impossible to standardize and trust” (not true).
  • ”Current processes/technologies are working fine and there is no need to change” (not true). 

Many carriers and affiliated organizations have conducted blockchain Proof of Concepts (PoCs) within their own organizational walls and found that putting a vehicle, device, or any other asset on a chain was relatively easy. However, commercial applications only scale when mutually trusted data about these assets are shared across a business network or value chain. Simply put, blockchains work best for transactions in large and complicated networks where the frictional cost of trust is high — which is unlikely to be the case within a single or small group of organizations, where simpler and cheaper means are available to establish trust, data provenance, and transaction integrity. 

The result? Most blockchain PoCs, despite successfully demonstrating the technology, fail to evolve into consumer-facing and industry enterprise-level applications. The hard problem turns out not to be the technology itself, but the path to scale.

The goal of this webinar is to disambiguate insurance-specific blockchain technology and discuss, amongst key industry leaders, ongoing initiatives designed to finally prove the efficacy and value of enterprise-level blockchain in insurance.

Please join the discussion with industry leaders from Swiss Re, The Hartford, MOBI, AAIS and openIDL on June 8 at 10:00 AM PDT/1:00 PM EDT to learn about and explore how viable blockchain technology is bringing true value to the industry.



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Ryan Briggs, VP Automotive & Mobility Solutions Manager, Swiss Re

Ryan leads Automotive & Mobility Solutions (AMS) for Swiss Re Reinsurance Solutions in North America.  Swiss Re solution offers technologies, data product and consulting to the insurance industry partners whether they are a Swiss Re cedent or not. Ryan is responsible for business development and delivery of our vehicle risk products such as ADAS, Vehicle Feature, EV and AV Risk Scores. AMS also offers telematics, connected car and other automotive solutions.  

Ryan has a career working with insurance carriers, brokers and MGAs, safety professionals and fleet operators specializing in insurance backed programs. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Ryan led insurance partnerships as Azuga, a leading fleet telematics company and provider of one of the largest commercial auto telematics insurance programs in the USA. Before that, he led insurance partnerships for Nauto, an AI-powered video telematics start up. Prior to moving into the InsurTech industry, Ryan led product and marketing teams at Allstate. He led a number of strategic initiatives including the launch of Good Hands Roadside and its mobile app platform. He was also on the team that launched Allstate’s Usage Based Insurance (UBI) program known as DriveWise and one of the first of its kind at that time. Ryan has a BA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Northern Iowa and an MBA from the University of Kansas.

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James Madison, Principle Data Platform Engineer, The Hartford

James is a Principal Data Platform Engineer at The Hartford.  He is a member of the OpenIDL Governing Board, and actively participates in the OpenIDL technical design work.  He has been in the insurance industry since 1997, and at The Hartford since 2001. He has worked on the usual list of technologies, but is far more focused on the timeless design principles that make data effective for decision making, such as ownership, context sensitivity, singularity of truth, proper structure, observability, controls, and self-service.

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Lanaya Nelson, Ecosystem Manager, openIDL

Lanaya Nelson, openIDL ecosystem manager, comes to the Linux Foundation with a background and expertise in insurance & risk technology business development. She is passionate about the importance and potential of open source consortia and blockchain technology to solve industry-wide challenges, as well as the art of weaving the public/private partnerships needed to build this collective future sustainably and ethically. Lanaya has worked across the gamut – startups to Fortune 100 companies and has cultivated a thriving network of respected leaders across various industries and government affiliates.

Tram Vo

Tram Vo, CEO & Co-founder, MOBI

Tram Vo is an interdisciplinary entrepreneur with an extensive background in the blockchain/DLT space. She is the CEO and Founder of MOBI; CEO and Founder of Citopia; as well as founder of DREAM, the Distributed Registry for Entertainment, Art, and Media. Prior to working in technology, Tram spent most of her career in academia and nonprofit sectors, where she consulted on heritage conservation and preservation projects for many global museums, universities, and NGOs such as UNESCO. She served the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles (Conservation Institute and Museum) for almost two decades; leading highly specialized projects in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the US.

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Joan Zerkovich, Senior Vice President of Operations, AAIS

Before coming to AAIS in 2012, Joan worked for several organizations in information technology positions, including more than eight years as CIO of ICAT Holdings LLC, a catastrophe insurance intermediary. Her work at ICAT earned Joan recognition in 2006 as one of the insurance industry’s “Elite 8” technology professionals by Insurance & Technology magazine.

Prior to her years at ICAT, Joan spent more than 13 years in information technology positions with the University of California system. Her work there included projects that contributed to the initial public access to the Internet and to the digitalization of the university's library system.