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Memoptimizer Watches Your Memory Usage So You Don’t Have To!

Recorded October 6, 2021

View Memoptimizer Watches Your Memory Usage So You Don’t Have To!, with Khalid Aziz, Senior Software Engineer at Oracle.

Linux kernel uses as much physical memory as possible to maximize system performance. Any memory not used by applications is allocated as buffer cache by kernel. Buffer cache holds data that might be needed in near future. Kernel reclaims buffer cache pages reactively when it starts to run low on free pages. This can introduce unpredictable latency in memory allocations when kernel searches through buffer cache looking for reclaimable pages as it falls behind allocation requests.

We will discuss a modeling method to forecast such free memory shortage situations and ways to trigger reclamation before they happen. We will look at a live working implementation of this method in form of memoptimizer daemon.


Khalid Aziz , Senior Software Engineer, Oracle

His kernel development experience spans enterprise, realtime and embedded environments. He has been contributing to memory management subsystem and has added memory tagging support. He has contributed in the past to SCSI drivers, firmware interfaces, console support, kexec and ia64 port of linux kernel. He was an official reviewer for the book “ia-64 linux kernel” by Mosberger and Eranian. He was the editor and major contributor to Linux Foundation Carrier Grade Linux 1.0 Specification.