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Monitoring A Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster With New Relic

Recorded February 16, 2021

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Do you ever feel like your systems lack unnecessary complexity? Are you tired of code that ‘just works’ and servers you can depend on? This is the webinar for you.

We’re going to build a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster from scratch and set up serverless functions with OpenFaaS. Then we’ll watch as the entire house of cards collapses under a simulated workload with New Relic.

Join us as we overcomplicate the already complex world of stateless web application deployment and prove why ARM-based desktop solutions do not effectively replace entire cloud service ecosystems.


Jonan Scheffler , Director of Developer Relations, New Relic
Jonan Scheffler is the Director of Developer Relations at New Relic. He has a long history of breaking things in public and occasionally putting them back together again. His interest in physical computing often leads him to experiment with robotics and microelectronics, though his professional experience is more closely tied to cloud services and modern application development. In order to break things more effectively he is particularly excited about observability lately, and he’s committed to helping developers around the world live happier lives by showing them how to keep their apps and their dreams alive through the night.