Webinar On Demand

How Hyperledger Technologies Can Help Build Central Bank Digital Currencies

Recorded April 25, 2023

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a new form of digital money with a central bank liability. The goal is to retain all the benefits of central bank money (especially no default risk) and pushing beyond this by improving on multiple dimensions: Settlement Efficiency, Robustness, Privacy, Compliance, Accessibility, and Programmability to name a few.

This will be a workshop jointly held by blockchain engineers at Banque de France and IBM. The event will provide a technical presentation and feedback on the Banque de France Venus CBDC experiment and how Hyperledger Fabric addresses many of the requirements for CBDC use cases. In this talk, we will show how Hyperledger Technologies helped build a CBDC, how it was used to orchestrate interoperability with HTLC, and will offer a deep-dive and hands-on session on the Hyperledger Fabric Token SDK lab.



  • Angelo De Caro, Senior Research Scientist at IBM Research - Zurich

  • Elli Androulaki, Research Manager at IBM Research - Zurich

  • Corentin Simon, Blockchain Engineer at Banque de France

  • Clément Delaneau, Blockchain Engineer at Banque de France