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Multiple Workloads And Protocols: One Software-Defined Solution

Recorded June 22, 2021

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Applications in cloud and hyperscale data centers change over time as new workloads start, increase, or decrease in activity. These applications have differing storage requirements to best accommodate the varied workloads. This leads to data centers procuring and managing an inventory of many different storage devices with varying performance profiles and protocols. This is a thankless, complicated, and error-prone task.

This webinar will:

  • Introduce and demonstrate a new way of unifying flash storage via an open source, software-defined, multi-protocol solution to better manage the requirements of multiple workloads and protocols.
  • Demonstrate how this new method will simplify the deployment of flash storage at hyperscale level, enhancing TCO while reducing inventory management headaches.


Scott Stetzer , Senior Director, Memory and Storage Strategy group, KIOXIA America

Scott Stetzer is a Senior Director in the Memory and Storage Strategy group for KIOXIA America (formerly Toshiba Memory). The Memory and Storage Strategy group is exploring methods and technologies to better integrate memory with storage and storage with software aiming to provide a more compelling and fluid way to manage data in a world where systems are now scaled and integrated in an unprecedented manner. Scott has over forty years’ experience in the storage and computer industry in positions with companies that included STEC, Western Digital, Maxtor and Quantum. He has extensive experience spanning field applications engineering, software development and technical marketing in many global locations.