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Operate First Community Cloud: A Reference Environment For OSS Workloads And SRE Practitioners

Recorded October 5, 2021

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Open source has become the defining way of developing software, but how do we open-source the operation of software? Using the Operate First concept to incorporate operational experience into software development, this community cloud is a peer-to-peer mentoring environment for running software, as well as a community for SREs to learn from and help run this cloud.

  • Learn about the Operate First concept and reference implementation at https://operate-first.cloud
  • See how Kubernetes, ArgoCD, and Prometheus are used to deploy and operate workloads. We’ll take you on a ride through the user-facing onboarding processes and the back office, where SRE’s perform state-of-the-art DevOps through GitOps and bot automation


Marcel Hild, Señor Manager, Office of the CTO, Red Hat

Marcel Hild has 25+ years of experience in open source business and development. He co-founded a Linux consulting company, worked as a freelance developer, a Solution Architect for Red Hat, and a core Developer for ManageIQ, a Hybrid Cloud Management tool. Now he researches the topic of AIOps in the Office of the CTO at Red Hat, proving how AI will help operating machines and applications.

Karsten Wade, Senior Community Architect, Red Hat

For over two decades, Karsten has been teaching about and working in the open source way. In Red Hat’s OSPO, his community architect portfolio centers on the people, principles, and practices of open source communities. His current community management work includes the Open Source Way, the guidebook on community management best practices, and Operate First, a community initiative to incorporate operational experience into open source development. The Operate First community is helping improve software by connecting its community cloud—a transparent operational environment—with open source development, threby democratizing SRE training and practices around cloud native open source services. Past community leadership roles include CentOS Project, Fedora Project, and oVirt Project, along with activities and contributions across dozens of other open source projects.

Tom Coufal, Principal Software Engineer, AIOps, Red Hat

Tom is a principal software engineer working in open source for all of his career. He started in Red Hat 7 years ago and during his time here he had the opportunity to experience many different fields in software engineering. From QE to DEV, from backend to frontend, from platform and monolithic legacy applications to cloud native microservices. He helped automating testing of customer subscriptions, co-maintained cloud providers clients for ManageIQ, helped in creating an analytics platform for Ansible, and  worked on processing of big data across Red Hat. His main strengths are in technical disciplines like Python, Ruby and OpenShift/Kubernetes worlds, however he likes spending his spare time in Typescript and Golang lands as well.

Humair Khan, Senior Software Engineer, AIOps, Red Hat

Humair Khan has been with Red Hat for 4 years. He started out as an Intern working for Product Middleware and Radanalytics team, where he was involved with R&D in data and cloud driven technologies. After graduation he joined Red Hat to work full time as part of the Office of the CTO, within the AIOPS team. Now his primary responsibilities are around helping lead the Operate First initiative, and bringing SRE principles and cloud operations to an open and transparent environment.

Anand Sanmukhani, Software Engineer, AIOps, Red Hat

He started working with Red Hat 3 years ago as an intern and now he is a Software Engineer in the AIOPs team. He spends most of his time writing yaml for k8s manifests and the rest goes into writing Python and Go.His main strengths are in figuring out monitoring/logging solutions for cloud systems. What this means is that he knows where to find the documentation for Prometheus, Grafana and Thanos.