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Principles Of The CAP Theorem And Distributed Data

Recorded November 10, 2021

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The CAP Theorem states that it is impossible for a distributed database to simultaneously guarantee two of the following: Consistency, Availability or Partition Tolerance. The widely accepted theorem is often used to analyze and position new databases.

In this session, we will explore the three guarantees, delivering a definition for each, and outlining how each might affect your distributed system. This is a rather academic talk and hopefully, we will help you understand the history and how to use this important concept.  

We will cover:

  • What are the challenges to ensuring consistent distributed data.
  • What are the availability challenges for a distributed database.
  • What are the challenges to dealing with network failures and dropped messages.
  • RAFT, MVCC and other algorithms
  • We will talk through CP and CA databases and how they are used.
  • How CockroachDB delivers on these key traits.
Jim Walker

Principal Product Evangelist, Cockroach Labs


Jim is a recovering developer turned product marketer and has spent his career in emerging tech and open source. He believes product marketing is a core strategic function for early-stage companies and helps them translate complex concepts into a compelling, effective core narrative and market strategy. He is an advocate of the developer and an active participant in several open source communities.