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Privacy Tech In A.I. Model Building

Recorded August 19, 2020

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The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of A.I. across sectors from finance to healthcare. How can we use the richness of datasets, while protecting the individuals and communities they belong to? In this webinar, hear from Frederick Kautz at doc.ai, the mobile health company, discuss:

  • Zero Trust Systems: new cloud-native technologies and techniques that can enable easy to monitor systems, at scale, with security and privacy in mind
  • Edge A.I. & Federated Learning: how multi-party computation can build intelligent healthcare systems without moving data
  • Real-World Healthcare Application: how Passport, a free return-to-work solution and cloud-native application built on CNCF technologies uses mobile-based privacy techniques and infrastructure

This webinar is sponsored by doc.ai and hosted by The Linux Foundation.


Frederick Kautz , Head of Edge Infrastructure, doc.ai

Frederick Kautz is the Head of Edge Infrastructure at doc.ai. His work serves as the foundation for the CNCF Telecom User Group. Frederick also participates in the Cloud Infrastructure Telecom Taskforce (CNTT, a joint effort between Linux Foundation and GSMA) and is a lead in OVP 2.0 to certify and badge 5G infrastructure for use in Telecom. Previously, he was in Red Hat’s Office of the CTO team, where he fathered Red Hat Container Storage Engine. He is also a founder of Network Service Mesh, a CNCF Project.