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Reliability, Everyone’s Responsibility – Introduction To Site Reliability Engineering Practices

Recorded September 14, 2021

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The modern customer expectation is that systems and platforms are available for them whenever they need them in a performant manner. Easier said than done with adages such as “slowness is the new down”. When maintaining a reliable and robust platform, a trio of measurements come into play; your SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs. If you are unfamiliar with the nuances of each, this session is for you. 

Learn in this session some basics of setting up a culture of reliability and how to navigate your reliability journey such as ways to negotiate/re-negotiate your Service Level Objectives [SLOs]. Creating a culture of reliability touches all parts of the organization. Site Reliability Engineering organizations and practices are there to reduce technical debt for engineering teams; learn how to get started and/or further your journey.


Ravi Lachhman, Evangelist, Harness

Ravi Lachhman is an Evangelist at Harness. Prior to Harness, Ravi was an evangelist at AppDynamics. Ravi has held various sales and engineering roles at Mesosphere, Red Hat, and IBM helping commercial and federal clients build the next generation of distributed systems. Ravi enjoys traveling the world with his stomach and is obsessed with Korean BBQ.

Surya Bhagvat, Director, Site Reliability Engineering, Harness

Surya Bhagvat leads the SRE team at Harness. Surya has started the journey onto the cloud by leading the teams back at eBay and Symantec, building on the OpenStack cloud, and then moving over to AWS and GCP. Surya enjoys being in the SRE space because there is always something new to learn every day.

Thor Taylor, Director of Product, Harness

Thor is a Director of Product at Harness, where he works on innovative data solutions, including new ways to track the negative impact that code and configuration changes can have on Service Levels. Thor has worked in the industry for the last 25 years in various capacities from laying network foundations for businesses to supporting enterprise security teams. As Thor has worked in these capacities he has worked with many of the fortune 100 companies on thousands of issues and has developed a great passion for data and the value it can bring to improving business operations.