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Your Cloud Will Never Run Out of Resources – Resource and Cost Management Techniques and Introduction to FinOps

Recorded May 25, 2021

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With the ability to acquire resources on-demand and elastically in modern cloud environments, as humans we are subject to over-provisioning. Cloud vendors themselves estimate that waste on the public cloud is over 30% of the total infrastructure which equates to wasted money. For those creating applications that run on these infrastructures, the availability of elastically provisioned infrastructure boils into application design and scaling policies.

Though this does come at a monetary cost, and eventually theoretical and absolute resource limits will be hit. Even with newer paradigms such as Kubernetes-based workloads, cluster capacity will be exhausted as over-provisioning can be amplified.  The reality is that scaling events can be complex and elastic infrastructure is not immediately available. 

Saving costs has the ability to free up capacity and save money. Learn in this session about various basic to more advanced cloud cost management techniques including dynamically making your workloads available only based on actual usage, seamlessly running production workloads on cloud excess capacity, and running root cost analysis for your Kubernetes clusters based on events.

If this is your first time digging into cost management, learn how to get engaged with the Linux Foundation’s very own FinOps Foundation which champions cost visibility and management across cloud infrastructure spend.


Ravi Lachhman, Evangelist, Harness

Ravi Lachhman is an Evangelist at Harness. Prior to Harness, Ravi was an evangelist at AppDynamics. Ravi has held various sales and engineering roles at Mesosphere, Red Hat, and IBM helping commercial and federal clients build the next generation of distributed systems. Ravi enjoys traveling the world with his stomach and is obsessed with Korean BBQ.

Ravi Yadalam, Head of Product for Cloud Optimization, Harness

Ravi Yadalam is the Head of Product for Cloud Optimization at Harness. Prior to Harness, Ravi was Co-Founder and CEO of Lightwing, a cloud cost optimization company that Harness acquired. Ravi has previously founded technology ventures in E-commerce, Healthcare, and Consulting. Ravi enjoys traveling and trying new cuisines with his wife, and spending time with his 6yr old retriever Zorro.