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Run Fast! Catch Performance Regressions in eBPF with Rust

Recorded November 2, 2023

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring Run Fast! Catch Performance Regressions in eBPF with Rust with Everett Pompeii, Founder + Maintainer at Bencher

Performance is critical when working in eBPF. So what should we do when our code starts running slowly? Sure, we need to fix the performance regression, but what’s stopping this from happening again? 

For the same reasons that unit tests are run in CI to prevent feature regressions, benchmarks should also be run in CI to prevent performance regressions. During this presentation, you’ll learn how to implement continuous benchmarking in your project.

First, we walk through writing a simple eBPF program in Rust. Then we show how to add benchmarks to both the client and kernel side code. Finally, we introduce continuous benchmarking to our CI process to detect and prevent any future performance regressions. Every tool used along the way is open source.

If you’re interested in learning a better way to maximize and maintain performance in your project, bring your questions and join us for this presentation.

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Everett Pompeii

Founder + Maintainer, Bencher


Everett Pompeii is a software engineer with a focus on real-time systems. As a recovering C++ developer, he now enjoys working primarily in Rust. He is currently building Bencher an open source suite of continuous benchmarking tools designed to catch performance regressions in CI.