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Rust for Linux: Writing Safe Abstractions & Drivers

Date: Nov 11, 20219:00 - 10:30AM PST (UTC-8) LF Live Mentorship Series Download Slides

Join us for Rust for Linux: Writing Safe Abstractions & Drivers, with Miguel Ojeda, Rust for Linux Maintainer.

Rust for Linux aims to bring a new system programming language into the kernel. Rust has a key property that makes it very interesting to consider as the second language in the kernel: it guarantees no undefined behavior takes place (as long as unsafe code is sound). This includes no use after-free mistakes, no double frees, no data races, etc.

This session will explain how the Rust support works in the kernel: overall infrastructure, compilation model, documentation and testing, coding guidelines, etc. It will also show how to setup and build a kernel with Rust support enabled, how to add new bindings to the C side, how to write an example abstraction that wraps safely those bindings and how to write a Rust module that uses those abstractions without unsafe code.

No prerequisite Rust knowledge is needed to follow the session.