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Simplifying Streaming Data Transforms with WASM

Recorded February 10, 2022

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The majority of stream processing work is spent on mundane transformation tasks like data scrubbing, normalisation, and filtering. Yet to perform these relatively simple tasks involves standing up multiple distributed systems that add complexity and take time to learn. Worse yet, once you’re done, you end up ping-ponging data back and forth between storage and compute just to remove a field from a JSON object. To the data engineer, it can feel like an endless game of system whack-a-mole just to start the interesting work of actually understanding the data.

Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of WebAssembly (WASM), which enables users to create transformation modules—in the language of their choice—to perform fast data transformations on topics. By shipping these computations to the storage engine, developers can codify business practices like GDPR compliance or schema normalisation, with near native-level performance at runtime.

In this webinar, James Kinley, Principal Solution Architect at Redpanda, will provide an overview of a WASM-based data transformation architecture, and show how it can simplify as well as boost the performance of real-time applications and data pipelines. 

  • Architectural overview of WASM for data transforms 
  • How to tie policy to code and data for scalable, low-latency transformations
  • Example use cases and a live demo of data transforms
  • Live Q&A


James Kinley , Principal Solutions Architect, Redpanda

James loves to write code and to use software to solve practical problems. His experience encompasses a mix of software engineering, machine learning, and professional services, across a variety of industries including cybersecurity and financial services. James is focused on large-scale data processing and streaming technologies such as Apache Spark, Kafka, and now Redpanda. As a Principal Solutions Architect, James works closely with Redpanda’s customers in EMEA to accelerate the development of production data streaming applications.