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So We Know We Have To Secure The Software Supply Chain… But Where Do We Start?

Recorded September 20, 2022

Join us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by Cloudsmith

If you joined us in our last webinar, we talked about the origins of software supply chain attacks, and the beginnings of efforts in the Community and Enterprise to help secure the software supply chain. In this webinar, we’ll continue our discussion with some good news! We’ll highlight the progress being made on OSS efforts that we can all standardize on, and some tooling available to everyone beginning this journey.


Lee Skillen, CTO & Co-Founder, Cloudsmith

Lee Skillen is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Cloudsmith our coding mercenary in chief and lead nitpicker, and also a founding member of the company.

Prior to architecting innovative Cloud-based platforms he was a Technical Architect and Principal Engineer at Belfast-based Wombat Financial Software (FS) Ltd / NYSE Technologies Ltd (acquired by Vela Trading Technologies Ltd in 2014), a low latency market data business, where he led development on high performance financial data adapters.

Prior to Wombat FS he was a Founder and Principal Engineer at Newzbin Ltd, creators of the NZB file format, where he helped to develop the world’s most advanced indexing database and search engine for Usenet.

Adil Leghari, Solutions Architect Manager, Cloudsmith

Adil is a 15+-year SysAdmin that is passionate about Automation. He’s also an active member of the PowerShell DevOps/Automation Community for the past 5 years, which is prominent in his passionate energy for problem-solving and helping others. He is a co-founder of the Pacific Northwest PowerShell User Group and a co-host of BridgeConf. As well, he has the specialized experience of spending the past 3 years in the Package Management space, as a Senior Solutions Engineer for Chocolatey Software.

When not talking your ear off about PowerShell and Packaging, Adil enjoys nerding out on Open Source, tech gadgets (especially travel ones), stickers, graphic design, audio/video production, and snowboarding.


Dan McKinney, Developer Relations, Cloudsmith

With over 10 years in the world of engineering, Dan currently leads Developer Relations at Cloudsmith. Bridging the gap between customer success, engineering, and marketing, Dan is incredibly passionate about helping people and organizations implement and adopt technologies that secure their software supply chain.

In addition to Developer Relations, Dan is also the voice and creator behind Cloudsmith’s YouTube tutorials, guides, and the key writer behind all blogs and documentation.

Fun fact: Dan is also a professional DJ with over 2,000 gigs under his belt alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.


Luke Hinds, Security Engineering Lead, Red Hat CTO; Co-Founder, Sigstore

I am a software engineer working mostly on OSS security projects. I have lots of experience bootstrapping projects from new and helping grow diverse, inclusive and friendly communities. I founded project sigstore and developed the keylime project alongside MIT lincoln labs. I also do a fair number of gigs around open source security in general.

You can find me on twitter or linkedin. I currently work @ Red Hat in the CTO Office as the security engineering lead. I am always happy to chat about software security and growing open source communities.

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