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Stress-Ng: How to Stress Test Your Computer (and Possibly Break It)

Recorded May 19, 2022

Join us for a Complimentary Webinar with Intel

The stress-ng tool is designed to stress test kernels and hardware. The presentation describes the various ways stress-ng can be used to exercise a system as well as the testing concepts that shape the project:

  • Overview and testing concepts
  • Worked examples
  • Building and installing stress-ng
  • Results and success stories
  • How to contribute to the project
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Colin Ian King

Principal Engineer, Intel


Colin is the main developer of stress-ng and was also the initial developer of the ACPI/UEFI Firmware Test Suite (FWTS). Colin focuses on finding kernel bugs and also kernel janitorial fixes. He has also developed a variety of Linux system performance and monitoring tools. In his spare time he is a Debian maintainer.