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TARS: Towards Building a Microservices Ecosystem

Recorded February 8, 2022

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As software applications grow, companies need to move away from their locally hosted applications and shift into the cloud. One important cloud-native architectural approach to help with this change is microservices, in which applications have many small independently deployable components (or services). 

Based on this, this talk showcases an overview of the TARS microservices framework and the TARS Foundation. We present how TARS helps developers to address the most commonly faced challenges when using microservices, how to deploy and use TARS in practice, and what the TARS Foundation is and how it is helping projects to build microservices ecosystem.

This presentation will showcase: 

  • How TARS help developers to address the most frequent challenges when developing microservices;
  • An overview of how to deploy and use TARS in practice;
  • An overview of the TARS Foundation.


Isabella Ferreira , TARS Ambassador
Isabella Ferreira is a PhD candidate in Computer Engineering at Polytechnique Montréal and an ambassador at the TARS Foundation. As part of the TARS Foundation, Isabella writes technical blog posts and gives technical talks about TARS. As part of her degree, she is particularly interested in investigating (in)civility in Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) communities. Her main research interests are mining software repositories, affective computing, and software maintenance and evolution.