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The Architecture of a Forever Free, Serverless SQL Database

Recorded October 5, 2022

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CockroachDB has already defined what it means to be a cloud database and its unique architecture delivers some key innovations. Now with CockroachDB Serverless we use CockroachDB’s architecture to remove all barriers between developers and the promise of a massively scalable, familiar SQL database that can power applications of any size.

In this session, we will deliver a deep-dive exploration into the internals of a serverless database, exploring the following, and more:

  • How to automatically scale your workload with zero downtime
  • How Raft and MVCC are used to guarantee serializable isolation for transactions
  • How Cockroach automates scale and guarantees an always-on resilient database
  • How to tie data to a location to help with performance and data privacy
  • How to only pay what you use and never overspend

CockroachDB - a Distributed SQL cloud-native database designed for consistency, resiliency, located data and scale - is the core of CockroachDB Serverless. We’d love for you to join us and see how it works!

Jim Walker

Principal Product Evangelist


Jim Walker is a recovering developer and long time open source supporter who currently serves as the principal product evangelist at Cockroach Labs.