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The Latest Research on Cloud Expansion and Security During COVID-19

Recorded February 9, 2022

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Usually, when an organization embarks on a new project, it can look to more experienced peers for best practices. What happens when thousands of groups start the same new project, at the same time, with no data? The curious team at Palo Alto Networks wanted to find out.

In this session, Nathaniel ‘Q’ Quist, Principal Researcher at Unit42, and Jason Williams, Product Marketing Manager for Prisma Cloud, present a few different sets of research that surface the strategies and tactics that drove successful (and less successful) cloud/security projects during the initial phases of the pandemic. They’ll highlight the good and the bad, and offer the lessons that have been uncovered so far.


Jason Williams, Product Marketing Manager, Prisma Cloud

Jason is a product marketing manager for Prisma Cloud and software Next Generation Firewalls at Palo Alto Networks, covering cloud network security. Previously, he held technical product positions focused on software defined networks, zero trust, and microsegmentation at Cisco and Illumio.

Nathaniel ‘Q’ Quist, Principle Researcher, Unit 42

Nathaniel “Q” Quist works with Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 as a Senior Threat Researcher focused on researching public cloud tools and infrastructure. He has worked in the computer security space within Government, Public, and Private sectors. He holds a Masters of Science in Information Security Engineering (MSISE) from The SANS Institute, where he focused on Network and System Forensics, Malware Reversal, and Incident Response. He is the author of multiple blogs, reports, and whitepapers published by Unit 42 and the SANS InfoSec Reading Room. Q is actively focused on identifying the threats facing cloud environments, specifically those targeting container environments, and the actor groups behind those attacks.