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The State Of Modern Data Architectures

Recorded February 24, 2022

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Anyone who’s seen FirstMark’s Matt Turck’s MAD landscape is wondering when sanity will be restored to the data and analytics vendor sprawl. We’re sorry to bear bad news, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! The thirst for data to unlock untapped opportunities and insights in cost-efficient ways has grown to the point where companies are now searching for entirely new data solutions. As a result, the data technology landscape has grown bigger than ever with innovative companies working endlessly to quench that thirst.

Whether you are managing operational data, data analytics or creating new data pipelines, you know that change is required to keep up with the growing demand. Modern data architectures and patterns provide a new hope. They are designed to leverage the extreme scale of today’s cloud infrastructure and services in order to overcome the performance and availability tradeoffs of previous data architectures.

Join Sanjeev Mohan and Dave Nielsen in this webinar as they discuss how modern data architectures enable new, agile and scalable solutions and use cases ranging from IoT streaming anomaly detection to real-time analysis of sensitive data for regulated financial systems to delivering machine learning models at scale with large, multi-structured data.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How building blocks of a modern data architecture can help make your applications more agile?
  • How to evaluate the components of a modern data architecture?
  • Common tools and stacks emerging to enable modern data architectures?
  • How to determine which architectures will lead you to a future-proof architecture?


Dave Nielsen, Senior Director, Community Relations, Harness

Dave Nielsen is Senior Director of Community and Developer Relations at Harness. Dave runs Silicon Valley DevOps where his mission is to help users deliver software better. Previously he held similar roles at Dremio, Traceable.ai, Redis, Intel & PayPal.

Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo & Former Gartner Analyst

Sanjeev is an established thought leader in the areas of cloud, big data and analytics. He researches and advises on changing trends and technologies in the modern cloud data architectures. He started his data and analytics journey at Oracle where he worked on emerging technologies. Until recently, he was a Gartner vice president known for his prolific and detailed research, and for directing the data and analytics agenda. He is now a Principal at SanjMo, where he provides advisory and consulting services, covering modern data architectures, governance and operations. He is privileged to regularly present on topics pertaining to end-to-end data pipelines and is excited to help businesses discover what their data can do for them.