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//TODO Enable Developer Self-Service Using Kubernetes and Control Planes Powered by Crossplane

Recorded July 26, 2023

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Many organizations find themselves embarking on similar journeys; Whether it's building “golden paths,” “launch zones,” or “cloud infrastructure self-service” organizations are beginning to build their own internal developer platforms above the clouds–and they’re using control planes to power them. Tune in to this session to learn how Crossplane enables you to compose cloud infrastructure and services into your custom platform APIs, and how best to get started building a platform of your own. From git all the way to policy & security, we will take a tour through key integration points platform teams need to think about when setting up a developer self-service platform using Kubernetes and Crossplane.

In this talk we will discuss:

  • Understanding how to start building a self-service internal developer platform of your own
  • Learning how to compose cloud infrastructure and services into your custom platform APIs using Crossplane
  • How to prioritize security along with other key integration topics such as GitOps, policy and compliance
Craig D Wilhite

Senior Product Manager, Upbound


Craig is a Senior Product Manager at Upbound, the company that created the open-source project Crossplane. Upbound helps teams build their own cloud platform tailor-fit to their needs.

Craig is passionate about helping organizations adopt Crossplane to spur the next wave of how app teams consume resources in the cloud: self-service, compliant with organizational policies, and fast. Prior to Upbound, Craig spent several years working at Microsoft in Azure.