Webinar On Demand

Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System

Recorded May 2, 2023

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring Tools and Techniques to Debug an Embedded Linux System with Sergio Prado, Consultant & Trainer at Embedded Labworks

There are several techniques to debug an embedded Linux system that can be applied in both user space and kernel space. Depending on the problem, you may need different tools, like addr2line for crash dump and kernel oops analysis, GDB for interactive (remote) debugging, ftrace for kernel tracing, valgring to catch memory-related issues, strace/ltrace for user space applications tracing, perf/gprof for application profiling, etc. 

In this talk, we will learn how these and many other tools and techniques can be applied to improve the quality and find/fix bugs faster on an embedded Linux system.

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Sergio Prado

Consultant & Trainer, Embedded Labworks


Sergio Prado has been working with embedded systems for more than 25 years, providing consulting and training services for companies worldwide. He also writes on his blog at embeddedbits.org and contributes to several free and open-source projects, including Buildroot, Yocto Project, and the Linux kernel.