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Understanding Wireguard, TLS and Workload Identity: The Backbone of Modern Service Networking

Recorded September 20, 2023

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Zero Trust Networking has become a standard marketing buzzword but the underlying principles are critical for modern microservice-style architectures. Authentication, authorizations, policy, etc. can be difficult to implement between services and do so in a maintainable way. Google invented their own transparent encryption and authorization protocol called "ALTS" back in 2007 to serve the application layer of Google's Borg workload scheduler, but we don't see others using it outside Google.

In this webinar we look at existing technology like TLS and newcomer Wireguard and see how these technologies come together to provide a secure foundation for workload identity and modern service-to-service networking.

Christian Posta

VP & Global Field CTO, Solo.io


Christian Posta is the Global Field CTO at Solo.io and former Chief Architect at RedHat specializing in helping customers and end users design and adopt cloud native architectures. He is a frequent speaker, author, and contributor to open source projects. He can be found on a plane or online @christianposta