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Unlocking the Power of Flash with Open Source Software-Enabled Flash™ Technology

Recorded August 26, 2020

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Flash storage has a unique combination of strengths and restrictions that make it difficult for hyperscalers to realize its full potential. General purpose storage products present challenges for applications requiring control over latency, isolation, data placement, endurance, and Quality of Service (QoS). Hyperscale developers have built their own flash-based devices to address these challenges, only to be confronted by the additional problem that flash characteristics vary between generations and vendors. It’s time to align how flash storage works with applications and the needs of hyperscale environments.

This webinar will discuss the problems facing hyperscalers, real-world hyperscale requirements, and the solution that brings control of flash to the storage developer. KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba Memory) will introduce the new open source Software-Enabled Flash API and how it enables the hardware and software ecosystem to work together. It will present the flash-native software stack along with example implementations using IO_URING and QEMU to flexibly address QoS, data placement, isolation, and performance challenges. Attendees will learn how the Software-Enabled Flash API enables the wider community of application developers, data architects, and end users to solve their unique flash storage challenges.

This webinar is sponsored by KIOXIA and hosted by The Linux Foundation.


Rory Bolt , Principal Architect & Sr. Fellow, KIOXIA America, Inc.
Rory joined KIOXIA America in 2017. He has founded, built teams, and delivered product at four storage startups which were acquired ($400M, $165M and two undisclosed). Rory has more than twenty-five years of experience in data storage systems, data protection systems, and high performance computing with tenures as VP software Engineering at Samsung, Technical Director/CTO counsel at NetApp, CTO counsel at EMC, Vice President, Chief Storage Architect, and Distinguished Fellow at Quantum. Rory has been granted over 12 storage related patents and has several pending. Rory has a BS in Computer Engineering from UCSD.