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Unraveling RCU-Usage Mysteries (Additional Use Cases)

Recorded February 23, 2022

This talk expands on the December 7, 2021 talk entitled “Unraveling RCU-Usage Mysteries (Fundamentals)”. That talk gave an overview of RCU and covered reader-writer-locking use case as well as a phased-state-change use case. To view a recording of this previous session, please click here.

This talk will provide a brief review and then cover as many of the following use cases as time permits:

  • Add-only list.
  • Delete-only list.
  • Existence guarantee.
  • Type-safe memory.
  • Light-weight garbage collector.
  • Quasi reader-writer lock (additional variants).
  • Quasi multi-version consistency control.
  • Quasi reference count.

This overview will help the viewer better understand RCU code, in the Linux kernel and elsewhere, and perhaps even help the viewer come up with additional valid RCU use cases.

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