Webinar On Demand

Using OpenTelemetry And Instana Together For Maximum Observability

Recorded July 14, 2022

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by Instana

OpenTelemetry is a vendor-agnostic open standard for collecting signals from your application. Instana is an Enterprise Observability Platform that can automatically instrument most applications and runtimes. How can we benefit from both?

In this talk we will: 

  • Explore using the OpenTelemetry SDK to collect traces from a Quarkus native executable
  • Collect the traces in Instana which will also be gathering metrics, traces and logs from other agents
  • Finally we will show how this data can be combined to simplify your troubleshooting journey


Yinchi Luo, Product Manager for Distributed Tracing

Yinchi is a Product Manager in Distributed Tracing of Instana IBM. Prior to building software observability solutions at Instana, Yinchi designed and delivered various cloud solutions for start-ups and enterprises. In his free time, Yinchi likes to go birdwatching in the great outdoors.


Josh Lee, Developer Advocate

Josh Lee is a developer advocate with Instana IBM. He is a full-stack developer with a history working on SaaS, e-Commerce and content marketing projects.