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Writing a Formal IT Specification

Recorded August 9, 2023

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A formal specification for an IT project allows implementers to understand what is required to build an implementation (or create a process) that conforms to that specification, and it allows a conformance test suite (or checklist) to be developed that can be used to check an implementation’s conformance. Users of tools that (partly or fully) conform to that specification can use the specification to learn the potential impact of moving source code, data, or processes between different implementations.

This presentation outlines a number of considerations involved when creating a formal IT specification, in general, and for software, in particular, such as a programming language or library.

[Note: this will NOT be specific to making an ISO standard; that will be the subject of another webinar.]

Download the Writing a Formal IT Specification doc
Rex Jaeschke



Rex is an independent consultant who has worked in the IT industry since 1976. Since 1984, he’s been involved in producing formal specifications for the following programming languages and environments:  C, C#, CLI (a subset of Microsoft’s .NETTM framework), C++/CLI, Hack, JavaTM, JavaScriptTM, Office Open XML (the file format used by Microsoft’s OfficeTM suite as well as by other products), PHP, PowershellTM, and XPS (XML Paper Specification). This work was done via ANSI, ISO, Ecma International, open-source forums, and commercial organizations.