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Read Blog Post By Nithya Ruff, Linux Foundation Board Chair & Jennifer Cloer, Story Changes Culture showcasing three women who have been Linux kernel mentees in our mentorship program

We’re helping open technology projects build world class open source software, communities and companies.


lines of code supporting the most business critical and groundbreaking innovations


developers from the most innovative companies building the future of open technology


total shared value created from the collective contributions of the Linux Foundation community


contributing companies across industries bringing open technology into the enterprise

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The world runs on open technology hardware standards finance innovation source

The Linux Foundation enables companies to drive global innovation by growing open technology ecosystems that transform industries.


of supercomputers use Linux


of public cloud providers use Kubernetes


of global mobile subscribers use devices run on networks built using ONAP


of global auto shipments supported by OEMs using Automotive Grade Linux


of the Fortune Top 50 enterprise blockchain deployments use Hyperledger

1 Billion

security certificates issued by the largest certificate authority in the world: Let’s Encrypt

We’re simplifying the lives of developers, supporting organizations, and end users, one open technology project at a time.

The Linux Foundation Method

Proven methodology and cutting edge technology for setting up, running, and scaling a successful project from the people who wrote the book on open technology.

We’re the organization of choice for building sustainable open technology ecosystems.

AI, ML, Data and Analytics

Our project communities drive innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data & Analytics projects in partnership with organizations worldwide.


Our communities develop systems that utilize blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies such as governance networks.

Cloud, Containers and Virtualization

The Linux Foundation’s communities are building the fundamental building blocks of Hyperscale Public and Private Cloud using Containers, Hypervisors, and other Virtualization technologies.


Many of the Linux Foundation’s supported communities do not reside in a specific technology sector and are cross-discipline in nature.

DevOps, CI/CD and Site Reliability

Our communities and their partners are committed to the practices of DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery by developing solutions for enforcing automation in building, testing, and deployment of applications and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

IoT and Embedded

Our communities develop software at the core of powering the Internet of Things and Embedded systems.

Linux Kernel

Our namesake community project continues to advance kernel development and key components of the core Linux operating system.

Networking and Edge

Our communities are at the forefront of critical industry open source software projects related to networking and edge computing used at large-scale telecommunications providers worldwide.

Open Hardware

The Linux Foundation is a key participant and sponsor of project communities related to hardware systems that are open in design and specification.

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Open Source Best Practices

Our communities disseminate best practices related to the running of open source projects.

Safety-Critical Systems

Our communities support multiple projects related to hardware and software systems needed to perform safety functions, in which failure would potentially cause injury or loss of life.


Our communities are at the forefront of developing solutions for securing information systems and the open source software supply chain.

OpenSSF Logo


Our communities enable the development of cutting-edge storage technologies with open source.

System Administration

Our communities are committed to forming projects that facilitate the design, integration, and management of complex open source systems over their respective life cycles.

Web and Application Development

Our communities enable the development of dozens of applications for client-server, distributed systems, and the web.

“It’s one thing to create a great piece of software. It’s quite another to have it make a mark on the entire industry. These are the companies and organizations whose work has had a significant impact on what others build, how they build it, and ultimately, who uses it: Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, GitHub, Netflix, Red Hat, Slack, and the Linux Foundation.”

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