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The Linux Foundation provides members with an ecosystem to better establish themselves as leaders, innovators, and change makers within the open source community.

Our members take center stage in driving technology innovation for project communities.

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Join the ecosystem that supports the key technologies transforming your industry. Your contributions help these communities to evolve and scale.

Evolve your open source business strategy. Collaborate to transform industries, shape markets, lower costs, and accelerate innovation. 

Access services to help your organization thrive. Provide your organization with access to a wide range of open source research, training and certification programs, and events.

Maximize your investment with LFX.  Access the LFX collaboration portal to track your company's participation across open source projects. LFX also enables visibility to project security, community trends, CLA management and more.

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Leadership in Security and Innovation

Our 2022 Annual Report showcases hundreds of projects and member companies demonstrating how they embrace open collaboration and accelerate new innovations. Take a look at all of the ways your company can get involved.

You’re in great company. Thrive together.

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Gain critical insights.

All members gain access to the cloud native LFX collaboration portal.

LFX is a central hub for managing all open source activities, from company and employee project contributions, to managing contributor license agreements (CLAs), to understanding where known security vulnerabilities might impact your critical technologies. 

Organizations can also view their training and event participation and access new research exclusive to members.

Work among the pioneers of digital innovation.

“Hyperledger’s prolific code projects include solutions that support the most secure, private, multi-party ledger networks as well as solutions that work with the largest public networks, and most of the space in between.”



“Security is now from the ground up. The developers don’t need to worry; by default, everything is secured.”



“Legend is an impressive technology with
great potential for improving industry efficiency.”