Linux Foundation project news for August 2020


The ACRN™ Open Source Hypervisor for IoT Development Announces ACRN v2.0 and Functional Safety Certification Concept Approval

New hybrid-mode architecture expands the scope of the project to include industrial IoT and edge device use cases, delivers new flexibility in resource sharing across virtual machines and new levels of real-time and functional safety

How Laird Connectivity leverages Zephyr RTOS to create social distancing trackers

Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ BT710 wearable tracker/multi-sensor, which is based on Zephyr RTOS, is a great way to automate and simplify the challenges of social distancing and contact tracing.

OpenAPI Initiative Welcomes Postman as Newest Member

Postman joins 35 current members on the fast-growing initiative that includes Atlassian, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Bloomberg

LF Edge’s Fledge project announces release 1.8 that integrates with industry leaders like Google, Nokia, OSIsoft, ZEDEDA and Dianonic to enable open industrial edge software with AI/ML and Public Cloud Integration

Expanded community includes integrations and contributions from Google, Nokia, Flir, OSIsoft, Nexcom, RoviSys, Advantech, Wago, Zededa and Dianomic

LF Edge’s Akraino Project Release 3 Now Available, Unifying  OpenSource Blueprints Across MEC, AI, Cloud, and Telecom Edge

6 New R3 Blueprints (total of 20)  covering use cases across Telco, Enterprise, IoT, Cloud and more

[New White Paper] Sharpening the Edge: Overview of the LF Edge Taxonomy & Framework

This original, collaborative community-driven white paper details the new LF Edge taxonomy with the goal of clarifying market confusion by breaking the continuum down based on inherent technical and logistical tradeoffs rather than using ambiguous terms.

ONAP’s 6th Release, ‘Frankfurt,’ Available Now – Most Comprehensive, Secure and Collaborative Software to Accelerate 5G Deployments

Rich feature set including End-to-end 5G network slicing, security and deployment-ready automation anchored in Frankfurt

[New Guide] 5G Networking: An Introduction

Download this paper for an exploration of the business opportunities in 5G, the role of open source, Linux Foundation projects, and how to participate.

Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) Publishes Defining White Paper

Produced by Avid Think and Converge! Network Digest with DPDK community support, the paper outlines the critical role DPDK plays in the evolution of networking infrastructure while dispelling a number of myths and misconceptions about the technology.

Virtual LFN Developer & Testing Forum: June 2020 Report

See the quick highlights from the June event and the LFN workstreams in motion.