World of Open Source: Global Spotlight 2023

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Earlier this year, Linux Foundation Research launched a worldwide survey on open source trends. The findings of this survey were segmented and analyzed to produce our Europe Spotlight 2023 report. Following this report, we looked at the entire survey results, and produced our Global Spotlight analysis for this year.

This report covers a wide range of opportunities and concerns related to open source around the world, with insights collected from the global survey launched earlier this year. This report incorporates a regional comparison of open source adoption, contribution, value propositions, and sustainability. Findings indicate that across regions, open source’s use is widespread and value is well understood, but there is still opportunity to increase contributions and the presence of OSPOs. Comparing across regions, Europe ranked highest in use and contribution as well as government adoption, while Asia-Pacific ranked lowest in these categories.

Read more about these open source findings across regions by downloading the full report.


  • Adrienn Lawson, The Linux Foundation

  • Stephen Hendrick, The Linux Foundation

  • With a foreword by Sachiko Muto, OpenForum Europe and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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