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2nd Place Is The First Winner: Maintainership And Growing Your Influence In The Linux Kernel Community

Recorded January 22, 2021

Join us for 2nd Place is the First Winner: Maintainership and Growing Your Influence in the Linux Kernel Community, with Dan Williams, Principal Engineer, Intel.

There is a perception that the pinnacle of power, prestige, and influence in the Linux kernel project is to become a subsystem maintainer. On the way to dispelling that myth, this talk describes the roles and responsibilities of maintainers, reviewers, and developers. It compares effective maintainers to effective reviewers, explains why those are not necessarily the same role, and discusses their relative levels of influence.

The session will begin with an overview by Dan Williams (45 minutes) and will be followed by Q&A – an opportunity to both ask Dan questions and for group discussion (45 minutes).

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