Webinar On Demand

Hyperledger In-Depth with Integra Ledger: Universalizing Document Automation Using Hyperledger Technologies

Recorded March 8, 2023

Systems of unique numbers have universalized communication, commerce, and mobility - IP addresses, phone numbers, vehicle identification numbers, and credit card numbers, to name just a few. Despite these precedents that have brought such extraordinary efficiency to the world, no similar system of unique numbers exists for the world’s documents.

In this webinar, learn how Integra Ledger, Hyperledger member company, is using Hyperledger Fabric and Aries to power a system of document identity and messaging that enables universal document automation - functionality that can be added to almost any existing software.

David Fisher, Integra’s CEO, will explain the philosophy and concepts that underpin this unique use of Fabric and Aries, as well as the development patterns that organizations can follow to achieve their own Minimum Viable Ecosystem when deploying the technology.

Mike Rinow, Integra’s CTO, will demonstrate the practical application of the technology:

  • Web-based examples that demonstrate the end-user experience
  • “Under the hood” discussion of how the technology is applied at the document layer and the blockchain layer
  • Technical overview of how this blockchain-enabled functionality can be added to existing software


  • David Fisher (Founder and CEO, Integra Ledger)

  • Mike Rinow (CTO, Integra Ledger)