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Unboxing K8ssandra: The Data Layer For Your Kubernetes-Powered Applications

Recorded April 6, 2021

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by DataStax

Kubernetes has made it easy to deploy and scale out your cloud-native applications. With K8ssandra, you can now scale application data with the same simplicity and high availability. Join us as we unbox K8ssandra and explore how you can deploy it alongside your application on Kubernetes.

  • Install k8ssandra
  • Authenticate with Stargate
  • Query your data via a convenient api (rest, document, or graphql)


Christopher Bradford, Product Manager at DataStax

Christopher Bradford is a Product Manager at DataStax with a role in everything Kubernetes. For the years he has been immersed in the world of distributed systems and AP databases. Christopher loves a good challenge and the complex deployment models, network topologies, and stitching together of cloud offerings never leaves him in short supply.  

Recently he has focused on the trivial deployment and management of Apache Cassandra (and supporting tools) through the open source projects K8ssandra and cass-operator. Previous speaking engagements by Christopher include Cassandra Summit, Spark Summit, Kong DevOps Summit along with a number of meetups and webinars. Topics have ranged from geographic data replication to ETL pipelines with Cassandra, Spark, and Solr for 200 years of Patent data.

Jeffrey Carpenter, Developer Relations at DataStax

Jeff Carpenter works in Developer Relations at DataStax, where he uses his background in system architecture, microservices and Apache Cassandra to help empower developers and operations engineers to build distributed systems that are scalable, reliable, and secure. Jeff has worked on large-scale systems in the defense and hospitality industries and is co-author of Cassandra: The Definitive Guide.