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Minimizing Blast Radius of Chained Kubernetes Misconfigurations and Image Vulnerabilities

Date: Jan 18, 202211:00AM PST (UTC-8) Cloud Native Register

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Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks

By design, cloud native applications are more accessible (and thus more vulnerable) than on-prem environments. You can’t air gap a cloud environment, which really ups the ante on mistakes. Additionally, we all accept that it is not feasible to have a perfect patch program, and therefore some risks are (hopefully) weighed and accepted.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss our research on the blast radius of open source Helm charts and how vulnerabilities in Kubernetes-based applications are a chain of potential attack vectors. We’ll discuss best practices for locking these applications down to minimize the attack surface.


Matt Johnson, Bridgecrew Developer Advocate Lead, Palo Alto Networks
Based in not-so-sunny Manchester, UK, Matt leads developer relations at Bridgecrew. Whether he’s writing articles, giving talks, or shipping new features, Matt is passionate about helping DevOps teams simplify, automate, and improve their infrastructure security.

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